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how sexually transmitted diseases spread

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‘Pretty well. I got everything on the list.’

‘No!’ shouted Artemis, staggering backwards.

‘It’s not gonna hurt, is it?’

‘The wardrobe. We’re in the wardrobe.’

Holly snatched the medallion, holding it up for the camera.

‘You think we’re stupid, elf? We’re gonna burn clean through this pile of junk.’

Artemis coughed, clearing his throat. ‘The Cube cannot scan a closed system unless the omni-sensor is actually touching the computer or, at least, close by. Phonetix is so paranoid about hackers that the research and development lab is completely contained, buried under several floors of solid rock. They don’t even have e-mail. I know because I’ve tried to hack it myself a few times.’

‘We’ll just have to huddle close together behind the cam foil,’ said Juliet, her lip curling at the idea.


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